Nathan Bookcases & Cabinets

Our fantastic range of Nathan Bookcases and Cabinets make a stunning addition to any home. The elegant style of this beautiful furniture means that you not only have much needed additional storage, but that you also benefit from an exceptional display feature. Browse our extensive range of Teak and Oak Nathan bookcases and cabinets, available in different storage sizes and a number of fantastic classic Nathan styles.

Nathan Classic Teak 1504 Buffet Sideboard
Nathan Classic Teak 4014 2 Drawer Mid Storage Unit
Nathan Classic Teak 4064 Glazed Display Top Unit
Nathan Classic Teak 4164 Bow Front Corner Unit
Nathan Classic Teak 4304 Cocktail Combination Unit
Nathan Classic Teak 4444 4 Drawer Mid Storage Unit
Nathan Classic Teak 4454 External Corner High Unit
Nathan Classic Teak 4774 External Corner Mid Storage Unit
Nathan Classic Teak 4824 Display Combination Unit
Nathan Classic Teak 5004 TV Cabinet
Nathan Classic Teak 5254 Corner TV Cabinet
Nathan Classic Teak 6404 Tall Bookcase with Doors
Nathan Classic Teak 6424 Medium Bookcase with Doors
Nathan Classic Teak 6444 Low Bookcase with Doors
Nathan Editions Oak 8991 Tall Double Bookcase
Nathan Editions Oak 8992 Tall Single Bookcase
Nathan Editions Oak 8993 Mid Double Bookcase
Nathan Editions Oak 8994 Mid Single Bookcase
Nathan Editions Teak 6991 Tall Double Bookcase
Nathan Editions Teak 6992 Tall Single Bookcase
Nathan Editions Teak 6993 Mid Double Bookcase
Nathan Editions Teak 6994 Mid Single Bookcase
Nathan Shades Oak 1805 Shaped 4 Door Sideboard
Nathan Shades Oak 1815 Shaped 3 Door Sideboard

Nathan Bookcases & Cabinets make beautiful additions to your home

Take your storage solutions to the next level with Nathan bookcases and cabinets. Hand crafted and made from the finest Oak you are guaranteed high quality, long lasting furniture that will look stunning in every room.

Bookcases are almost as special as the books they hold. If you have a true love of books, then you will understand that keeping them ready to re-read again and again is important.

“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.” –Oscar Wilde

A Nathan Bookcase for the generations to come

A good bookcase will change over the years. Your first low single unit piece is great for your very first collection as a child and teen, but will eventually run out of space when you realise the importance of books.

Then you will look to upgrade to something with more room to grow your collection, perhaps a mid-height unit capable of holding display items on top.

This is great, until you eventually come to own a tall double bookcase capable of holding many, many books.

Even then there is a chance a true book lover will start to run out of room to store their much loved second lives.

At this point you will want to look into buying a couple of tall bookcases ready to home your library of books.

The Nathan range offers each of these bookcases and more in a selection of colours and finishes, please feel free to browse the collection and select which type is perfect for you.

Nathan cabinets are an elegant solution to your storage woes

It's hard to find a good solution to a lack of storage within a home. Some may resort to the garage or even the attic, but what about those items that are needed occasionally and you can't store away out of easy reach?

Why not try looking at our great range of cabinets and storage solutions for your home? Able to store items out of sight yet within reach, it's a clear choice not only for its storage but it's ability to act as a display unit on top and even an occasional table in a pinch.

A quick call to us may save you money on your furniture

We are always looking to give the best prices we can on our furniture, and if you are looking at spending over £1000 with us why not give our showroom a call on 01708-444279 and we may be able to give you a special price.

Contact the team at RG Cole

Our team are always happy to help you find what you are looking for. If you have any questions or would simply like some advice, please either email us, telephone on 01708.444279, or drop into one of our furniture showrooms in Essex.

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