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Welcome to the Nathan Editions Range. The finest veneers and hardwoods are carefully selected by Nathan Furniture and harmonised by skilled craftsmen to achieve the best consistency of grain and colour. 

Nathan produces an extensive range of furniture and The Nathan Classic Shades and Editions ranges all work well together to capture the essence of timeless design therefore a piece from one range will not look out of place with a piece from another range. 

The natural variation in colour and grain which is the beauty of real wood gives every piece of Nathan Furniture its own distinct character. 

Nathan furniture have introduced a complimentary upholstery range with a unique choice of sofas and armchairs. If you have any further questions on Nathan Cabinets, Sideboards, Tables Units or the new soft cover range, please either email us, telephone our Elm Park Showroom on 01708 444 279, or drop into one of our furniture showrooms in Essex.

Nathan Editions Oak 8991 Tall Double Bookcase
Nathan Editions Oak 8992 Tall Single Bookcase
Nathan Editions Oak 8993 Mid Double Bookcase
Nathan Editions Oak 8994 Mid Single Bookcase
Nathan Editions Teak 6991 Tall Double Bookcase
Nathan Editions Teak 6992 Tall Single Bookcase
Nathan Editions Teak 6993 Mid Double Bookcase
Nathan Editions Teak 6994 Mid Single Bookcase

The classic bookcase takes on a new life with the Nathan Editions range

Useful, safe and beautiful to look at, the Nathan Range of Bookcases are something clearly special, and the Editions selection is the cream of the crop.

This range of furniture offers a modern design with an emphasis on usability and practicality. This allows each bookcase to hold many of your finest volumes and other display items. All of our Nathan bookcases are built to the highest standards and conform with the strictest quality control, resulting in a strong and sturdy piece of furniture.

A size to fit every room and a price for every pocket within the Editions range

If you want a small bookcase that can go in those tight spaces, why not look at our tall single bookcases. A great use for a space that would otherwise go empty.

If you're looking for something a bit grander, perhaps offering more storage space, you may want to try a display cabinet.

If, in the unlikely situation, you find our tall double bookcase does not fit the bill, you can extend all of our units by any amount simply by using a smaller single bookcase alongside. This is a great way to add more storage to those display cabinets.

Contact the team at RG Cole

Our team are always happy to help you find what you are looking for. If you have any questions or would simply like some advice, please either email us, telephone on 01708.444279, or drop into one of our furniture showrooms in Essex.

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