Elipse Range by Sutcliffe

Welcome to the Sutcliffe Elipse Furniture Range at RG Cole. The traditional sofa range is available in a three seater sofa, two seater sofa, armchair and a footstool. It is also available in a variety of colours and fabric. You have a further choice of either Teak, Dark Mahogany, Wild Cherry or Light Oak wood facings. These woods match perfectly to any existing Sutcliffe Furniture that you may have making this piece an excellent addition to your home. 

If you would like to request some samples or if you have any further questions at all, please either email us, telephone our Elm Park Showroom on 01708.444279, or drop into one of our furniture showrooms in Essex.

Sutcliffe Elipse 2 Seater Sofa
Sutcliffe Elipse 3 Seater Sofa
Sutcliffe Elipse Foot Stool
Sutcliffe Elipse Standard Chair

What is Sutcliffes Elipse Range of furniture?

Elipse is a range of furniture that is part of the Sutcliffe Comfort Collection. It has the choice of 2 or 3 seater sofas and comes with the option of an arm chair and a foot stool to compliment.

Most homes allow for one of either the 2 or 3 seat along with a chair, however if you do have the room for both, those extra seats can be invaluable for entertaining and family gatherings.

This furniture range comes with beautiful wooden show legs and a bottom frame bar that accompanies the luxurious upholstery. This range from Suttcliffe has their signature variety of fabrics, giving you a perfect match for your current or future colour scheme in your home.

The show features of the Elipse range is not only limited to the feet but extends across the bottom bar of the frame giving a wonderfully clean finish to this piece of furniture. Available in Teak, Mahogany, Light Oak and Wild Cherry, Sutcliffe allow you to choose from the Elipse Range as a one off piece of furniture or to match it to any of the solid wood range.

About the Elipse Sofas

As we mentioned earlier, the Elipse sofa is available in both 2 and 3 seat options. They have clean lines created by the show legs and bottom frame bar making it an ideal choice to bring a sense of style and tradition to any home. These beautiful Sutcliffe sofas come with 2 scatter cushions as standard, plus you have the choice to add more if you wish. As with all Sutcliffe furniture you can have arm caps to help protect the fabric of your sofa.

Sutcliffe Elipse Armchairs

This armchair is even more comfortable than it is beautiful, and it really is a stunning piece of furniture. Slightly more contemporary than many of the other Sutcliffe chairs, it offers a nice alternative to some of the more classic ranges.

For extra comfort, consider the foot stool

The Elipse footstool is also available with the same fabrics and wood options as the sofa and chair. This is a well-crafted piece designed for luxury, so by choosing it you are ensuring that your comfort is maximised.

Contact the team at RG Cole

Our team are always happy to help you find what you are looking for. If you have any questions or would simply like some advice, please either email us, telephone on 01708.444279, or drop into one of our furniture showrooms in Essex.

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