Old Charm Tables

Beautiful Tables from Old Charm, suitable for all occasions and available in a stunning range of different styles, finishes, and woods. RG Cole Furniture are proud to offer these stunning, timeless pieces and we are certain that you will enjoy them in your home for years to come.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or if you have any further questions please either email us, telephone on 01708.444279, or drop into one of our furniture showrooms in Essex.

Old Charm Chatsworth 2885 Lamp Table
Old Charm Chatsworth 2976 Hall Table
Old Charm Classic 1434 Canted Table
Old Charm Classic 1493 Oval Occassional Gateleg Table
Old Charm Classic 1582 Pedestal Cabinet
Old Charm Classic 2217 Wine Table
Old Charm Classic 2325 Lamp Table
Old Charm Classic 2379 Canted Console Table
Old Charm Classic 2428 Wine Table
Old Charm Classic 2446 Games Table
Old Charm Classic 2736 Occassional Swivel Top Table
Old Charm Classic 2843 Lamp Table

The Old Charm range of tables is wide and varied

Amongst designers and craftsmen it's generally accepted that there are only eight types of table in the world. You will find that our Old Charm tables cover most of those which were originally conceived within the classical era.

This means our Old Charm tables are amongst the most authentic and original designs money can buy, and we could not be prouder to stock such high quality and timeless pieces.

Old Charm nesting tables for additional surface space when needed

The need for nesting tables was born from occasions such as tea party’s or soirée’s, a time when you need the extra tables for a short period every once in a while. Tables which you can then neatly stack underneath each other to save the floor space once again.

It is a feature and makes them very practical; a great example of how helpful such a design can be. We recommend looking at all our nest products as a great way to save space.

Hall tables and beautiful occasional tables

Tables are true multi room features, each different area of your home should have one, that's why the experts at Old Charm have designed and crafted these stunning classical pieces of furniture with each room in mind.

A simple hall table can be a great addition to your home filling the space with beautiful wood and giving you an area to customise and really make your own.

Place flowers and picture frames on top even bowls and dishes of fruit, any ornamental or practical item you wish to display can go onto this multi-purpose table.

Stunning old charm wine and drinks table

When entertaining in the late 15th century a wine table was simply a must have within a room, now times have changed and the more elaborate wine table designs have faded into history but the demand for the classical style of drinks table has remained.

That's why Old Charm have spent countless hours producing this fantastic piece in its original design but with the capability of so many more uses nowadays thanks to a more relaxed social approach to interior design.

Classically designed Old Charm lamp tables

Lamp tables look at home anywhere in a room, be that a bedroom or living room. The short wooden table is normally used next to sofa's or beds to give that much needed surface space, but can also be placed in conservatory's and dining room along with any other room that needs a small unit.

Beautifully crafted by the experts at Old Charm and stocked by the specialists at R.G Cole Furniture

When you buy Old Charm furniture you are sure to get experts through every step of the process, from the design and creation of the unit, to us, the stockists offering guidance and help at each of our four Essex furniture showrooms, all the way to the final delivery.

Contact the team at RG Cole

Our team are always happy to help you find what you are looking for. If you have any questions or would simply like some advice, please either email us, telephone on 01708.444279, or drop into one of our furniture showrooms in Essex.

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