Old Charm Sideboards

Our classic Old Charm Sideboards are the perfect way to give any room in your home that unique and traditional feel. The beautiful selection of traditional wooden furniture can transform any room bringing elegance and style. Our Old Charm sideboards & dressers come in a number of beautiful wooden finishes and the stunning designs have remained popular since the 18th Century. At our prices you can enjoy beautiful sideboards and other pieces of Old Charm Furniture in your home.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or if you have any further questions please either email us, telephone on 01708.444279, or drop into one of our furniture showrooms in Essex.

Old Charm Chatsworth 2876 Large Sideboard
Old Charm Chatsworth 2877 Small Sideboard
Old Charm Chatsworth 2975 2 Door Sideboard
Old Charm Classic 1631 Windsor 3ft Sideboard
Old Charm Classic 2145 Lancaster Sideboard
Old Charm Classic 2730 Tall Recessed Sideboard
Old Charm Classic 2826 Buckingham Sideboard
Old Charm Classic 2845 Buckingham 3 Door Sideboard
Old Charm Classic 3000 Sideboard

Sideboards that are a step on from flat pack convenience furniture

Unlike your basic flat pack sideboards the lifespan of our furniture, including the Old Charm Range can be measured in decades rather than years. Flat pack furniture can seem like a godsend when you're in college or just starting out with your first home, but eventually you will be wanting something a bit more solid for your money.

That's where our stunning range of classic Old Charm Furniture comes to the rescue. Sideboards are easily overlooked when buying furniture for your home, but we assure you once it's in place in a hallway, lounge or dinning room its a constant eye catcher for anyone visiting as well as being a practical addition to any household.

A serving of Sideboard history

Originally sideboards made an appearance in the 18th century but gained most popularity during the 19th century as they became a sign of prosperity within your home, normally being placed in the dinning room and used for serving exquisite food. Nowadays they are seen more as a fashionable accessory, so what is the most popular and sought after design today? We're glad you asked! Since the answer is, ours! Yes the most popular and sought after sideboards are the classic designs from the the 19th century and they are exactly what we stock with our Old Charm collection.

What can our stunning sideboards be used for?

By all means place your sideboard in your dinning room for that timeless feel, but it could also go in your hallway, lounge or bedroom, it's completely up to you. Depending on where you place it you may change how you use it. Perhaps if you place your sideboard in your hallway it can become a centrepiece with decorative ordainments or flowers placed on it. Placed in your master bedroom, it may become versatile and beautiful storage for your nicknack’s and important items, perhaps home to a large mirror for the extra wow factor.

The design is worth nothing if the quality is not present

We see this a lot with the more hyper modern designs for furniture.

You can't argue that they do look stunning in a minimal and modern space, but once actually required to do something they tend not to stand the test of time. Our Old Charm collection certainly does.

Our classically designed Old Charm furniture is easily amongst the best you can get. Design, build and construction all top notch and guaranteed by us here at RG Cole.

We have used wood for thousands of years, why change now?

Wood finishes have been good enough for every King & Queen, Prince, Princess, Maharajah, Lord & Lady so why change now? Our Old Charm sideboards come in effortlessly elegant wood finishes that are guaranteed to get noticed. Choose a deep stain finish for the wood to bring out the fantastic pattern of the grain, or keep things light with our pure wood look, it's completely up to you.

Contact the team at RG Cole

Our team are always happy to help you find what you are looking for. If you have any questions or would simply like some advice, please either email us, telephone on 01708.444279, or drop into one of our furniture showrooms in Essex.

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